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After 20 years working with celebrities and business men, i can assure you - meditation is key to maintain a successful life. My mission is to develop your self-knowledge, courage, empathy and confidence, while you understand what success truly means to you. I work mostly with artists, or people with an artistic soul: someone who sees life artistically, finding meaning, purpose and poetry in daily life, unlocking a healthy body and mind, abilities, gifts and soft-skills that can make a difference - the world needs more humane leaders.


Sara is the founder and CEO of DeRose Method Cascais - a meditation and high performance school, since 2010. Teaches for more than 20 years in Lisbon, Paris and Cascais.

Author of the Álbum FLOW - mantra, meditation, breathwork and relaxation exercises.

Member of DeRose ArtCompany, where she performed for over 15 years, touring around the world, with beautiful choreographies. 

Sara also graduated in Comunication Design, at the Fine Arts University in Lisbon.

She did Theatre, Cinema and Singing - which she still loves to do, singing for cinema and TV OSTs and backing vocals for portuguese bands.

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