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  • Teacher for more than 20 years in Lisbon, Paris and Cascais, Sara is the founder and owner of DeRose Method Cascais - a meditation and high performance school, especialized in Yôga Retreats.

  • singer and Author of the Álbum FLOW - mantra, meditation, breathwork and relaxation exercises.

  • Member of DeRose ArtCompany for 15 years, touring around the world, with beautiful movement performances.

  • Graduated in Comunication Design, at the Fine Arts University of Lisbon.

  • Features as actress in Theatre and Cinema and also as singer in Cinema OSTs, TV series OSTs and backing vocals for portuguese bands.

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sara garcia

"After 20 years working with celebrities and top businessman, i can assure you - meditation is the key to, not only maintain the glow in the mirror but, above all, the level of success you achieved in your life. Success is laying your head on the pillow at night knowing that your most intimate thoughts and your daily actions are connected. Is having no fear of judgement in your heart. Is not having a gap between who you are when you are alone and who you have to be most of the day. Is having a body with a good response and an accurate mind. Is having a soul still wild and free, time for your family and an hour a day of cleanse from the outside noise. And let’s be honest: there's nothing sexier than an individual who is calm and collected in any situation! I guide you towards not loosing yourself amidst this game of appearences. Welcome to Saríssima."

"peixe fora d'água" rtp2

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