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Sara Sútra is the artistic name of the teacher Sara Garcia, when she's on stage chanting these liminal songs from the depths of her 24 years experience in mantra.



"This is a musical journey to the ancient world of Dravidian Culture, a civilization born in India, circa 3000bC, in which the teacher Sara Garcia will guide us through a synergy experience.

Like in a traditional sat sanga, we will be seated together in beautiful company, unlocking an emotional state through chanting.

These mantras should be easily followed by everyone and we will also have room to experience the quietness of meditation.

Alongside this, ancient teachings will be revealed, as the mantras talk about hindu mythology and its symbolism.

Mantra is a vocal combination of sounds (and its inherent ultra-sounds) that arouse specific conditions in our body, mind and emotions through a total symbiosis with the vibrating patterns of nature. We wish to embrace life exactly as it happens every minute, with its "errors" and "flaws" that sure are part of the script, freely exploring our existence without any pre-conceptions of what it should be and recognizing ourselves as life itself.

Through these gatherings we want you to have fun and go home wanting to fill your daily life with awareness and presence. The final result of a sat sanga should be an inner fulfillment that drives us towards joy and constructive actions.

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Joana Souza Dias 
+351 912404453

buy the BOOK "flow"

It comes with a book with the lyrics, symbolism and explanation, as well as inspiring poems to help you connect with each exercise intention. You can buy the book here (paper or digital - let me know).

Sara Garcia - voice

Armando Teixeira - voice, composition and production

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The Album Flow features 8 Mantras, 4 breathing exercises, 2 relaxations exercises and 2 meditations.

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